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First Name Francesco
Last Name Borsoi - Mikulis
Age 17
School Liceo G.B.Brocchi
Your role in the YPAC project Delegate
Hobbies, interests The most interesting thing for me is new information, by talking to people and I go crazy for tecnology. My favorite hobby is computer programming, but I also play soccer as a golie and when I have spare time I play on my Xbox 360.
When did you first become interested in the YPAC? When I heard of the YPAC project at school I wanted to participate because I think that the preservation of the Alps is very important, and I already have lots of experience with this enviroment.
Have you ever taken part in the preparations? Right now I am waiting for the details on wich Topic will be!
Have you ever participated at the YPAC? No I haven't.
Future plans My plan for the future is to become a computer programmer, work at home and have a nice house, and last but not least, have a beautiful wife.. :D

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