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Dear Song Chu,

You look smart in this picture. With your glasses and wrinkles on the forehead and around your eyes. And the nice white shirt of course. You know where you are and you know that you are their support. They depend on you. If you leave, they fall apart. Or they fall on the ones who are left over. You have the responsibility to neither let them fall nor to leave them. You are the base that everybody relies on.

I am in a room with some others now. Nobody supports anybody. I can leave if I want to. Yet I don’t leave because I don’t want to. Because we want to change the world for the better. We want to solve problems which concern our home towns. We want to lead other towns with our example. We want a better world.

We support and want to be supported. It is not obvious but it is the truth. We take the decision to support the world we live in with everything we do.
Do you know bio products? We buy them. We eat them. We do so to avoid the poisoning of our environment. We support all farmers and markets who sell organic or bio products. Not because we have to but because we want to. We want a better world. A healthier world. A world worth living.


We will talk to politicians. To make them help us to change the world for the better. To maybe subsidize local bio farmers. To have more bio famers is a good thing. Do you know what ground water is? It is the water we drink. If there are more bio farmers, the ground water will be less polluted with chemicals. If the poison, which is used to kill insects in the fields, gets into the water, we get sick. We may not die because of this. But we live in dependency on things which need to make us healthy again. We will need to rely on them. This is expensive. We pay for it. It is like you would force your friends to be supported by you and still demand money from them. But this is something you don’t want. Don’t you want him to stand by himself and only rely on you if he wants and needs to do so?

With love and appreciation,

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Written in the Folio Ggroup of the YPAC 2013

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