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Dear Father Christmas

Mummy told me that when you drove over the city yesterday, your lovely Lappish reindeers started coughing their guts out, so violently that your sledge was all rocking threateningly and some presents –my presents- fell down and you couldn’t find them anymore because it was all so smoky. You must have been frightened to death! I cried all morning when I didn’t find my boxes filled with beautiful toys, packed with patterned red and gold paper and with silver ribbons, like last Christmas. I won’t have much to play with this year, because almost all my old toys are broken now.
I hope your reindeers have fully recovered by now. You should try a gas mask next year, because I’d really like to have my presents then, at least. But perhaps you didn’t come to me because you were angry about my naughtiness. Maybe I could try and do something myself so that there won’t be so much smoke hanging over the whole planet next Christmas. I hate it, it makes me feel as if I’m being crushed down to the ground. Maybe if that smoke fades away, some fish will also reappear in the seas and you could buy me a small aquarium with some goldfish and a lot of seaweed (Please...!). I love seaweed. In the meantime, I’ll do something to help your poor reindeers. I promise I’ll behave better.
Mum says I should use public buses when I go to school. When she insisted for the first time I started kicking up a fuss. I don’t like to be crammed there, standing up, with all the other children making so much noise and no privacy. It’s much more comfortable to drive to school by car, where I can lie in the back seats and rest until I reach it. But I think I’ll make a sacrifice. I don’t want your reindeers to cough their lives away. I will also try to separate my waste. Mum says it’s important to put plastic objects in one bag, paper objects in another bin and so on... I think it’s so annoying and boring when you could just throw everything into the same rubbish bin. I don’t understand... Why should I be bothered? But, if it is really so important, I’ll try hard to do my best!
I wish I’d seen the consequences of my bad behaviour before. I would’ve had my presents. You must be disappointed, if not angry! Mum says I always have to be punished in some way before I realise that I’ve been doing something wrong, even if I’ve been told many many times not to do it.
I always like to shower for over half an hour and stand relaxing under the showerhead, while hot water is flowing out and nicely warming my body. Mum says that it is a waste of water and I won’t see any presents if I go on like this. I’ll stop. But, still, it was so comfortable!
And I’ll do many other things, everything you ask: I’ll also go to my mayor and I promise I will ask her to tell all my neighbors how important it is that they behave like I will, from now on. And I know my neighbors don’t like me and will try to keep their lights always on and to waste energy so that I won’t get my presents. Bad people, they are, they hate my family. But I’ll tell my mayor about this and I’ll beg her to do something to help me and make them change their minds. It’s not fair that they can so easily make my efforts become useless. But it’s the mayor’s job to do something about it.
I shall do all this, Father Christmas, because I believe that you exist, not like some nasty friends of mine, who say that you’re just a sham.
I’m certain that you and your reindeers exist and I promise I will make you fly again up above, in the sky. Even though mum says I won’t see you again.

Yours, Hansel

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Written in the Foilo group of the YPAC 2013

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