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As me and Tjaša walked in the room of the comittee four, everybody was already sitting on their sits and tryring to concentrate on their theme called Mobility.
They first argue about a problem with parking spaces and transport system which enables workers to go to their jobs with buses or trains. Everybody had good ideas but also agreed on the same solution. ''I'm pretty sure that it will help if workers get higher payments when they come to work with the public transport!'' said someone. I bet it was his one hundred percent conviction which made an impression on everybody.
Then, suddenly somebody walked in. There were two politics from France and Switzerland and they came to be a part of young students' discousion. The atmosphere changed a bit. I could feel more stillness, but ideas were burning out of their heads. Again. And still.
The second theme was about teaching youth how to recycle and the two politicans started to enjoy the conversation, full of imaginated inovations and students who were ready to become their inventers for real. But it didn't take too much time, I felt like a minute passed and there it was, the postulation number three. It was about big and heavy lorries who drive around the towns and cause traffic jams and the best solution for this problems are time limits announced everyone. Even more excitement was seen in the eyes of the two women who were curiously watching imaginative delegates.
They closed this comittee meeting with the last postulation which  was supporting electric car sharing and ecofriendly park houses.
The ring announced the end. I could see people smiling and being pleasantly tired. I was sure we succeeded.

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Written in the Foilo group of the YPAC 2013

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