School Druga Gimnazija Maribor
Country Slovenia
Your role in the YPAC project Committee Presdient
Hobbies, interests Theater, reading; politics, history, art

When did you first become interested in the YPAC?

Last year when I was invited to participate.

Have you ever taken part in the preparations? Yes
Have you ever participated at the YPAC? Yes
Your attitude towards saving energy I take my part in doing the little things to save energy. I turn off the lights when I don't need them, I take the charger out of the plug when my phone is charged, my family uses only energy saving light bulbs… One can try to consciously do these things on a daily basis, but I believe that most of us are too settled in the comfortable, energy consuming modern lifestyle to do all that one could do to save energy.
Future plans To choose one of the ideas I have for my future and do things right. I would like to study somwhere abroad.
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