Florian Gstöhl

Florian Gstöhl

Age 17
School LG Vaduz
Country Liechtenstein
Your role in the YPAC project Folio Group
Hobbies, interests Sports, meeting friends, watching good movies

When did you first become interested in the YPAC?

I first heared of YPAC last year when a friend of mine was asked to join the group of delegates. Then this year our english teacher Miss Frommelt told our class about the YPAC so I became interested in taking part...

Have you ever taken part in the preparations? Yes we had two group meetings so far. We were introduced to the »project« YPAC and our jobs.
Have you ever participated at the YPAC? No I haven't. It's my first time at YPAC
Your attitude towards saving energy We should all inform ourselves about saving Energie and protecting the environnement. Saving energy or not is a personal decision but I try to save energy.
Future plans 1. Travel around the world 2. Go to University (3. Become rich)
e-mail or/and website eMail

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