School FOS Marie Curie
Country Italy
Your role in the YPAC project Committee President
Hobbies, interests I love reading, going out, meeting friends, playing tennis and singing

When did you first become interested in the YPAC?

I first became interested when YPAC took place in our school in Merano, 4 years ago.

Have you ever taken part in the preparations? No, i have not
Have you ever participated at the YPAC? Yes, this is already the 3rd time I participate at the YPAC. The last 2 years I was a delegate.
Your attitude towards saving energy Saving energy is a very important topic. Our society wasted too much energy in the last few years and so our resources are exhausted. To be thrifty in using energy is necessary, also to protect our environment.
Future plans I really love languages and so I want to study foreign languages and literature in Verona
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