School Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck
Country Austria
Your role in the YPAC project Editor in Chief of the Press Team
Hobbies, interests Acting, sports – especially biking and karate, languages, friends...

When did you first become interested in the YPAC?

When I heard the announcement of a meeting in our school, I totally wanted to participate.

Have you ever taken part in the preparations? I was present at the YPAC meeting in Innsbruck but I was no essential part of it.
Have you ever participated at the YPAC? No
Your attitude towards saving energy I think it's necessary to change our habits. It is hard to reduce our energy consumption because the energy makes everything more comfortable. But I started to go to school by bike sometimes for example because we can only save energy when everyone of us supports it.
Future plans If I knew that it would safe me a lot of problems. But I know that i want to go to university, even though I do not know what to study.
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